About Elle


"As a solution-focused therapist I am highly motivated to help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible."

"I aim to build a counsellor-client relationship that allows you to explore your thoughts, feelings and experiences while feeling completely safe and supported."

"I work with you to help you change your life for the better." 

Elle Slater is a highly experienced professional counsellor, mediator and advocate with 20 years’ experience with working with children, adolescents and families throughout the Baw Baw and Latrobe region.

Elle originates from a rural background and following many years of living on a farm returned to study as a mature aged student while taking on the responsibility of sole parent to her three children. 

Elle’s most recent role as a Senior Family Practitioner in a community agency has reinforced her experience of providing effective, relevant, meaningful support to those reaching out for help with relationships, work, education, daily struggles of parenting and barriers to life progress.



Grad Dip. Family Dispute Resolution

Dip. Adolescent Health and welfare

Dip. Youth and Community Service

Member VADRA [Victorian Association Dispute Resolution Association] 

Counselling Mediation Advocacy

My Approach

I sometimes wonder what brought me to where I am, perhaps you do too?

I love working with people who are open, curious and willing to be vulnerable.

I enjoy the full range of human emotions (perhaps some yet to be discovered).

I’m curious about self-fulfilment, resilience, and those difficult experiences that enable us to grow and change.

Relationships are central to me.

I embrace connection, kindness and being present to others and at the same time, maintaining a core sense of self with boundaries.

Understanding ‘our half’ provides the best conditions for ourselves and others to thrive. Working together we achieve more, we get fresh ideas, and spark actions that would be impossible alone.

Let’s explore what this means and how we can create conditions for our optimal well-being.

I know the value of working with community, and the importance of bringing creativity and joy to what we do. 

I work with individuals, communities and organisations to increase well-being.

I actively promote a ‘Best Possible Self’ agenda.