Elle Slater


Counsellor - Mediator - Advocate

Elle offers counselling, mediation and advocacy to those who prefer a private, safe and confidential service with an ethical, professional manner.


Appointments are available in-person, by telephone or Zoom.

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Elle also offers the following services via the NDIS:

Counselling & Therapeutic sessions (code 0128)

Early Intervention Supports for Early Childhood
(code 0118)

  • Are you struggling with work, life balance?

  • Not coping with a stressful work situation?

  • Feeling exhausted and finding it hard to keep up?

  • Not feeling supported at home?

  • Questioning how healthy your relationship or  marriage is for you?

  • Need a sounding board away from family andfriends to make decisions about your relationship or marriage?

  • Wondering if your relationships are holding youback?

  • In separation and struggling to know what the future holds?

  • Struggling to connect with your children?

  • Need a safe confident space to talk about your situation?

  • Feeling anxious about your future on retirement?


Elle is warm, empathetic and proactive, and her approach is based on the philosophy that being open and vulnerable is key to connection and support.


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“I have worked with Elle Slater with young people and families for a number of years and highly recommend her grounded approach. She has a wealth of experience and rare practical empathy. She works alongside clients to ensure growth and improvement in their situations. Elle is able to develop practical strategies that make real change in lives and relationships. Her communication skills and intuition are finely attuned. You are in safe hands with Elle!”

Joh Lyons

“I have known and worked alongside Elle for 5 years. Elle is warm, caring, open and very approachable. Elle has great insight to people and life and has a great gift in her understanding of both. Elle has been a mentor to me and a huge inspiration in my work role and as a personal friend. Her ability to see humour and promise in the simplest things is a reflection of her love of life.”

Kim Bernard

“Elle has been an amazing source of expertise on a range of learning tasks that I was required to accomplish as a part of my time on field placement. She guided me through my inquiry, my dilemmas, and my reflections on case management. Elle has been very mindful of her role as a mentor, as a supervisor in providing required support and feedback at every stage of my learning. I am extremely thankful to her for setting up the foundational stage for me to march on with confidence as a future social worker”.

Manjinder Kaur


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